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The Alberta Junior Hockey League is a Junior A hockey league based in Alberta. It belongs to the Canadian Junior Hockey League. Originally, there were just 5 teams. Currently, there are 16 teams in the league.

Is AJHL pay-to-play?

Last year proved to be tough as fans weren’t allowed to attend the games because of the pandemic. The league had to find a way to generate income so they began selling online 50/50 tickets to fans. 

Also, the Jackpots for Junior Hockey initiative offered a weekly online jackpot and the teams shared the proceeds among themselves and with local charities. These jackpots were critical to ensuring junior hockey teams could continue to operate in Alberta. 

By October of last year, audience sizes were still restricted to just 100 people in the stands per game, so the League and its Board of Governors determined that AJHL players would have to pay to play. This move was necessary to offset the financial loss from lower ticket sales and most players understood this. Many were just happy that at least they could play again. 

Historically, over 90% of the revenues came from game ticket sales. Hopefully, this will again be the case in 2022.

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How old can you be in the AJHL?

To play, players must be on an affiliation list. Also, there can be no more than five players per team who are fifteen years of age. A maximum of 6 20-year-olds can register for any one team.

How many games do the AJHL play?

For its 58th season (2021-2022), the AJHL teams opened with training camps on August 20th. The 2021 Exhibition Season began on August 27th. For the season, the AJHL will return to having 16 teams. Each team will compete in a 60-game schedule. The AJHL will also host 5 games on Family Day in February 2022.

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