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NCAA Rules


1. You may have a team cover the cost of one
tryout for up to 48 hours

A CHL team may cover necessary expenses for you to attend a tryout for up to 48 hours (including transportation, lodging, meals, etc.). The 48-hour period begins when you arrive at the tryout location. This is a one-time allowance per team and can be used for a training camp or rookie camp.

2. You may attend for more than 48 hours, but need to cover costs

Should you wish to extend your stay at a CHL training camp beyond 48 hours, you need to be prepared to cover costs from that point on(including transportation home).

3. Dead and Quiet periods.

November 6 – 9 / 2023 is the first week of Fall signings of Letter of Intents. Dead period is from April 10th – 14th.

4. Official NCAA visit

Have your NCAA ID / High School Transcripts / School IRL / Know your test scores


Do not violate NCAA rules by accepting gifts from CHL teams.

If a CHL team gives you a jersey or other gifts you should be prepared to either return those items, compensate the team appropriately or donate them to charity.

Being invited to a CHL training camp can be a great validation of your skills as a hockey player and a good sign of things to come in your hockey career. That career will include a number of choices along the way – we would encourage you to keep your options open so that you have the opportunity to make the bestchoices for you.