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Toronto Canada

After seeing my son not get drafted in the 2023 OHL U16 draft, I realized Dad the agent had no idea what to do. After a few searches on the internet and on Linkedin I saw Darryl was connected to a childhood friend that has been playing and coaching pro in Germany for the past 25 years. I was told Darryl is the real deal. Darryl must never sleep because he responded to my initial inquiry within 12 hours and I was chatting with him within 36 hours. I felt really lucky to have made the connection and the stress started to melt away. A few weeks later we attended the CHFA combine in Calgary, which was excellent. The ice sessions were solid and the boys from around North America swapped stories in the locker room. Additionally, the parents had a minor bond as we are all in the same boat. My favorite experience of the combine weekend was the line up of speakers that Darryl provided. Those presenting left their egos at the door and shared priceless tips and strategies to help the players with their mental and physical prep to reach their goals. Finally, we feel lucky to have a group providing a team of help from video review, mentor phone calls, creation of highlight video and access to a sports psych expert. The tools are there, the players just need to take the step and use them. On a side note, when we requested intros to Junior teams in our area Darryl had no trouble lining up skates, invites and intros. Additionally, on short notice we asked for connections to get into a summer tourney in the States and again Darryl lined us up.


Calgary Canada

Our family and our son, Sam Dubchak, has had the opportunity to work with Darryl Wolski. He is very knowledgeable, responsive and practical in his guidance and advice. We feel comfortable to reach out to him anytime we need direction as does our son. He is a great sounding board for opportunities and decisions for Sam’s path forward. Darryl has become an invaluable person to the ultimate success / route that makes the most sense for our son. Good guy


Winnipeg Canada

When I first met Darryl with CHFA, I thought I understood the basic steps for my son to play college hockey someday. Darryl opened my eyes to the many options that are available! At first, it seemed complex but then we realized that there is not one but many different paths to play hockey at that level. Our son is now playing Junior Hockey in the US and is much closer to his goals. I thought paying for an Advisor wasn’t necessary but after one year we’ve already saved more on not traveling to the wrong camps, wasting money, time and effort. I am now confident that the direction CHFA recommends will maximize our family’s effort and get my son to his next level quicker. Darryl’s experience and knowledge comes with connections to teams across North America. We have seen major benefits from Darryl speaking to managers and coaches on our behalf. There is no doubt that Darryl worked hard for our son and it paid off with a first round Tier II draft pick! Darryl, Harry and the rest of the CHFA team have always been available for us for simple and hard questions. When they can, they often go out of their way to be at games and events in person. They have a great team and with coaching professionals like Harry Mahesh we know we have access to more than just college advice but also the hockey development my son needs to keep advancing.

Chris and Christina

Calgary Canada

We had no idea how to navigate the junior landscape. We met Darryl a little over 2 years ago and Cole has gone from playing community hockey in Calgary to playing Junior A in the MHL. This opportunity presented itself because Darryl has a great reputation and the right connections. Cole is loving his new team and is looking forward to helping them fight for a playoff spot and hopefully more! We are very grateful for the opportunity that has been given to Cole and look forward to many years with Darryl and CHFA.


Wisconsin USA

Working with Darryl and Harry at CHFA has been an incredible experience! They have been there for me every step of the way, helping me navigate the transfer process and find the best opportunities. Darryl's dedication and Harry's understanding have made my journey to Division 1 hockey a reality. They're always available to answer my questions and have my best interests in mind.


Brandon Canada

We started working with Darryl and his team when our son was starting midget u18 AAA hockey in Brandon. They have helped us understand the path moving forward and thinking outside the box in reaching your goals. Darryl is always there to support you and help you make the best decisions. Harry has been so valuable in helping us de-stress, stay motivated and move through adversity with his extensive experience as a player and coach.


Helsinki Finland

I have been working with Darryl and CHFA since April 2023. It has been a great journey I have liked really much to work with these guys they are doing great job!


Toronto Canada

When searching for a family advisor for our son, we were looking for very specific qualities, including professionalism, integrity, knowledge, experience and someone that we could trust with our son’s hockey journey. Darryl and Harry and the CHFA team embody these traits and so much more. Their emphasis on the importance of balancing academics and athletics is appreciated and critical to ensuring that our son has as many opportunities as possible. What stands out most about Darryl and his team is the fact that they are always just a phone call away, always ready to enthusiastically answer questions and provide guidance when required. Our family is grateful for their support and would recommend Darryl and his team to any hockey family seeking a trusted advisor for their athlete.

Alana and Jamie

Halifax Canada

Our son, was a first year U18 AAA, hockey player in Nova Scotia. We wanted to see what options he had, because he is also an honours student. We felt like this hockey world was so vast and unknown. Working with Darryl and Harry, was such a great experience. They filled in “all the blanks” of the areas unknown to us. With their help our son, was able to attend a USHL camp. He did exceptionally well, while he was there. He is now playing on a Tier 1 AAA team in the US, and attending a great private school, while maintaining his honours student status. Without Darryl and Harry, our son, would never had attended a USHL camp and would not be in such a great situation, for the NCAA. My husband who played, in the OHL and University level, felt that hockey had changed a lot over the years and he was really grateful for their guidance and expertise. While, at the USHL camp, my husband was so impressed with the obvious amount of contacts Darryl had and the great rapport he had with coaches and scouts. We are very satisfied clients!


Hattfield USA

Trying to figure out the junior landscape on your own is very difficult. As a parent, I didn't feel I had the knowledge to navigate the path like we did in youth and midget hockey. It was clear when entering junior hockey you really have to understand the leagues, teams and rosters. You have to understand how to use your limited time and money in Spring/Summer. You also need back up plans ready to go if a situation changes. CHFA helps us navigate this path. In our first season working with CHFA we had a productive Spring/Summer and avoided a lot of wasted time and money. We look forward to working with CHFA during the current and future seasons.


Detroit USA

We met Darryl in person in Detroit a few months ago and the one thing I liked was his very honest ideas for my son Evan. He wasn’t rude but factual and said success comes in all forms and how he told stories about his clients that played NCAA D3 and went on to play pro hockey and have great careers. Harry and Darryl have always got back to us within a day and that is very valuable to us that we feel somewhat important in this process.

Dennis Lisa

Winnipeg Canada

“Our son has had a challenging hockey career to say the least. Thankfully CHFA has been there for him every step of the way. When our son travelled from Manitoba, Canada to Copenhagen, Denmark at 16 years of age, during the pandemic”


Mike Letizia

Head Coach / GM – Johnstown Tomahawks / NAHL

“Daryl has consistently been great to deal with over the years. He has provided adequate information about his players as well as honest knowledge which as a coach that is the most you can ask for. The recruiting world is a battle and it is almost possible to be everywhere throughout the year so having players all over North America, Daryl is so valuable because of his resources and willingness to have an open mind about the correct fit for a player.” readmore

Bert Gilling

Head Coach – Mount Royal Cougars / USPORTS

“Thank you to Darryl Wolski and the team at 2112 Hockey Agency for representing some of our graduating players with MRU Cougar Hockey over the years. I believe that U-Sport Hockey serves as a bridge between junior and pro hockey. Darryl and the 2112 Hockey Agency have successfully connected our players to pro hockey opportunities in North American and/or overseas.” readmore

Brett Skinner

Assistant Coach – Sioux Falls Stampede / USHL

“Darryl has always been there to answer my calls from when I was a player and now as a coach. If I ever needed someone to advocate for me I knew he would do it, and thats why I trust him now when I call asking about his players.” readmore

Cary Eades

President – Fargo Force / USHL

“Darryl and his group have built a solid reputation in advising young hockey players and parents over the years. He works very hard in promoting his players for the USHL draft and tryout camps. He has been an great contact for the Force organization – especially for players in Western Canada that are interested in the USHL / NCAA hockey route to professional hockey”. readmore

Cody Chupp

Head Coach – Lincoln Stars / USHL

“I have dealt with Darryl and 2112 Hockey Agency both as a player and, now as a coach and general manager in the USHL. One thing that has always stood out to me, beyond the tireless work ethic of the entire company, is how much this group cares about every player they represent. They are invested in the success of their clients both as people and athletes. It is easy to respect and work with a company, like 2112 Hockey Agency, that prides itself on doing things honestly and the right way.” readmore

David Wilkie

Head Coach GM – Omaha Lancers / USHL

“Darryl Wolski and his team are principled, intelligent and an extremely hard working group. I have been doing business with them for the past 12 years and they are flat out some of the best there is.” readmore

Jeff Tomlinson

Head Coach – Lincoln Stars / USHL

““Dealing with Darryl has always been a good experience. Darryl’s knowledge of his players and his honesty has been a big help for me and my hockey teams over the years. His players are exactly who he says they are as players and people. Darryl is easy to reach if I have a question, if I can’t reach him, he gets back to me in a very timely manner. Darryl is one of the player agents who I trust very much! Talking to his players, they are also very happy with the work Darryl is doing and the relationship he has with his players.” readmore

Andy Murray

Head Coach – Western Michigan / NCAA,

“I have known Darryl Wolski for over 25 years and have always had great respect for his concern for others and his ability to be honest and direct in any discussions involving players and the game of hockey. His hockey network worldwide is impressive and his knowledge of what it takes to play at various levels puts the players he represents in a positive position. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and you always feel better after talking to him.” readmore